The National Aquarium and the Pittsburgh Zoo

We spent a little time looking at animals while we were on vacation.  First we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo on Tuesday.  Then on Friday, we went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  Who wants to see some pictures of animals?

The zoo was pretty cool, but unfortunately there were some exhibits that were down.  I guess they moved some animals, plus another one died.  Plus, it was so hot out that most of the animals just slept all day.

The tigers immediately made their way to the water hole and played around in it.

A polar bear’s ass…

Gay lions…RAR!

The giraffe is eating my hat!

Look out Lindsey!  The shark is going to eat you…

Do not worry, there was glass protecting her…

The aquarium was pretty amazing.  It was my first time there and I was absolutely blown away by how fantastic the place is.  There was only one negative:  they need to keep it more structured.  People allow their children to just run in front of other people to look at the different fish tanks.

These are the anemone.  What does that look like to you?

Dolphins are pretty cool…I guess.

Some kind of gator.

I think this picture of the jellyfish is pretty damn cool.  Actually the whole jellyfish exhibit was awesome.  Apparently they are some of the oldest animals on the planet.  Also, they are becoming more numerous because of humans.

Rays…unfortunately Evan Longoria was not there (HAHA, lame joke).

A sloth.  Their claws look like steel and they are actually kind of freaky looking.  The rainforest exhibit is great because you get to walk through it.  I guess there would be a chance of a sloth jumping on your head.

This is a snake-necked turtle.  Pretty weird looking.

I highly recommend making the trip to the National Aquarium.  Also, purchase your tickets at AAA, you might save a few dollars.