The Pittsburgh Part of the Trip

As you may remember, I mentioned that I would be heading to Pittsburgh and doing a bunch of fun things.  I have already mentioned the zoo and the Pirate game.  Now it is time for the rest of the trip.

Saturday, Imler and I met up with Offord and his friends to play golf at a place in Canonsburg.  I actually played pretty well.  We did a best-ball scramble and our team ended up winning.  Plus, my team used a bunch of my shots.  I was quite pleased.  If you remember, I went golfing once last year.

After golf, we went to the Bridgeville Bottle Shop for lunch and drinks.  We then went to one of the guy’s house and showered up and went out for the night.

We hit up a bunch of bars and I pretty much got shit-faced.  We started at the Tilted Kilt and they had us do shots called Muff Divers.  The goal was to dive in and find the cherry.  Also, I got to meet Kent Tekulve, who was there eating wings.  I probably made a complete ass of myself, but oh well.

Monday, I had a work thing at our corporate office,which actually worked out well for me, since my boss extended my vacation a little longer.  After that Lindsey and I went to The Porch, a new restaurant at Schenley Park.  The food was pretty delicious.  I would love to live near a place like that and just go over for a pig roast and drink some beers.

We went back to our hotel and hung out for a bit (wink wink) and then decided to head over to Olive or Twist because we had a coupon for $25 off our total bill.  We had a few drinks there (Lindsey was actually pretty drunk) and then went back to the hotel.

We woke up pretty early on Tuesday and went for a walk over to PNC Park so Lindsey could try and buy a tank top, unfortunately, they did not open until later in the day.

Around noonish, we met up with my oldest and dearest friend, Allison.  I also finally got to meet her boyfriend Kevin, which was fantastic.  He seems like a good dude.  Hope to see them both in the near future, preferably sometime in the next five years.

Believe it or not, but that lunch date was my first time ever at Market Square (or eating at a Chipotle).  I never really went downtown when I lived in Crafton.  The North Shore was about as close to the city as I ever really went.  A few trips to the South Side, but that was about it.

After that, we went back to PNC Park to buy a tank-top and then went to the zoo.

So yes, I had a great vacation.

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  1. I made the blog! I’m glad we got to see you. And you got to meet Kevin and I finally got to meet Lindsey. She seems really nice and you guys are cute together. Let’s hope it’s not another 5 years before I see you!

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