Very Busy Week

Guess who goes on vacation again after today?  Yep, me.  Sucks to be you.  Here is my agenda for the next few days, since I have no clue whether or not I will be around much to post:

Saturday–Offord’s Bachelor Party
-Golfing in Canonsburg, PA
-Drinking at the Bridgeville Bottle Shop
-Drinking at the North Shore (probably hitting up the casino and a few bars)

Sunday–Head to the Waterfront
-I check in at my hotel at the Waterfront for a work thing on Monday (it is an easy class, and it helps extend my vacation an extra day).
-Luckily, Imler has decided to hang out with me for a bit so I do not have to be completely bored all day.
-Lindsey will be down after she goes to dinner with her dad.
-Probably go out to dinner or something
-Try to see Prometheus
-Read my book

-Class until 4:00.
-Try to meet up with some friends to have dinner at the Porch.
-Check into our other hotel downtown.
-Go out and have drinks.

Tuesday–Spend day in Pittsburgh
-Maybe hit up the zoo.
-Go to the Pirates game.
-Come home

Wednesday–nothing yet
-Probably spend the day relaxing and packing.
-Maybe go play tennis.

-Check in at our hotel.
-Do fun stuff, maybe hit up the aquarium.
-Go to an Orioles game.
-Come home Saturday

-Seriously, do nothing all day.

-We are meeting with a realtor to look at homes and see what we need to do to buy one.

Yep, it will be a busy week.


4 thoughts on “Very Busy Week

  1. ummmm….I live in Pittsburgh. I’m just saying. I have class on Mon and Thurs night but it’d be good to see you if you could fit me in?

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