Breaking Bad Premiere and Other Shows

I watch way too much television.  I have been pretty pumped about the premiere of Breaking Bad, but that is not the only show I watched recently.  Here are my thoughts on a few.

Breaking Bad
-Walt was away for awhile and he has money again.  That beard and full head of hair seem to indicate that he has been living in Vermont for some time.  Also, how cool was it that he gave the girl a $100 tip.

-Then Walt buys a machine gun from Bobby from Supernatural.  Wonder who he pissed off that he needs that?  Something tells me that each week we will see some future event about Walter’s new life.

-Oh yeah bitches!  Jesse is the one who comes up with the magnet idea.  Did anyone else not expect the magnet to end badly?  As soon as Walt started to dial it up, I knew something bad was going to happen.  I half expected something to fly through the wall, or for the cop to go inside and get injured/killed by a flying metal object.  I did not think the van would tip over.

-I hope that if Gilligan comes up with a Saul spinoff show, he includes Mike.  He is definitely one of the best characters on the show.  I really thought Walt was going to kill him during the getaway.

This season is going to be great, I can already sense it.

I do not understand why critics hate this show so much.  I really like it.  I wish there was an evening news program like this.  I just like hearing Will tear idiots apart.  There are also a bunch of pretty good side stories, like the Maggie/Jim/Don thing, plus the Neal wanting to convince everyone that Bigfoot is real was also pretty entertaining.

The USA Shows
I watch Royal Pains, Suits, and White Collar.  I will be the first to admit that they are not the greatest shows out there, but they are fun.  You can watch an episode and do a bunch of other stuff while they are on and not really miss anything.  They are formulaic, but whatever, they are my guilty pleasure.

This is the final season of the show.  I know I have mentioned this show a few times.  The final season has been pretty good.  They rescued Holly from the computer program and brought her back to life.  Then, the computer people tried to use the method that Eureka used to create Holly and replace everyone.  There was a bit of a battle, but it all ended well.

Then after all the crap that has happened in the town, the Department of Defense decides to shut the town down.  The final episode focuses on the people trying to decide what they should do after Eureka.

Lupo proposes to Zane.  They are going to get married.  Jack and Allison married earlier in the season…

Trevor Grant comes back as a billionaire and he bought Global Dynamics from the government and plans to keep Eureka open.  Henry will be the new head of GD and I am sure Jack will continue to put his neck on the line to save everyone from science experiments gone awry.  And the show ends with Jack learning that he is going to be a father.

Actually, the show ends with Jack driving Zoe back to school and they pass a car carrying themselves from five years earlier.  Yep, they brought it full circle back to the pilot episode.  Jack says that it will be something to investigate tomorrow (remember, this was what caused him to stay in Eureka, if I remember correctly).

I will miss this show.