Fantasy Baseball Week Fifteen

This looks like I dominated Dustin, but oddly enough, since the All-Star Break, he was beating me badly until Saturday night.  I think at one point I was down 10-1 and then all of a sudden on Saturday I was winning 8-3 and I never gave anything back.  Weird how that works.

It did not hurt that on Saturday my team hitting line was:  10 R/3 HR/15 RBI/.474/.500.  Yeah, that is what you call a monster day from everyone.  Anyways, I lost David Ortiz this week to the DL and decided to pick up Jon Jay.  My pitchers all came off the disabled list as well.  Now I just need Stanton, Dee, and Ortiz to get healthy.

My best hitter was Buster Posey, whose line was 4 R/2 HR/13 RBI/.486/.513.  My next best player was Willie Bloomquist, who hit over .400 for the week as well.  Pretty nice fill-in for Dee Gordon (although, he only picked up one stolen base).

My pitching was not the greatest.  Some of my relief pitchers had some terrible innings.  I think James Russell had an 81.00 ERA one game (minus that outing, he would have had a fantastic line).  My best pitcher was probably Ross Detwiler, or maybe Sabathia.  They both pitched very well.  Aceves and Motte also pitched well, picking up a save and a win each.

I moved into fourth place in the league (still in second in the division) with a 100-74-6 overall record.  This week I take on James, who is in last place in the division, and who has not been paying attention at all this season.  I need to destroy him.  Ryan went 11-1 last week, he is currently 20 games ahead of me and 16.5 games ahead of Gideon, who is in second place overall.