Fantasy Baseball Week Fourteen

A rough week for me.  Andre Ethier and Dee Gordon went on the disabled list, as did Jonny Venters.  Garrett Richards sucked and got demoted.  At the moment I have five players on the DL, I had to drop Venters in order to make room for Willie Bloomquist.  Fortunately, most of the guys should return soon after the All-Star break.

David Ortiz and Mike Moustakas were my best hitters, but obviously it was not good enough.  Trevor Bauer had a nice start, which is encouraging since he had a terrible start before.  I guess my best player was Jason Motte, he had three saves and three strikeouts without giving up a run.  Yep, that is about all I can really say about my team.

I dropped to fifth place in the overall standings.  I am still in second place behind Ryan in the division.  Sadly, I am 17.5 games behind Ryan with a 91-72-5 record.  Here is the real question though, how good is my team?  These are where I rank in each category and the total.

Runs:  11th place/400
HR:  5th/110
RBI:  5th/110
SB:  2nd/84
AVG:  10th/.265
OBP:  11th/.333
Wins:  3rd/52
Saves:  8th/36
K:  2nd/775
HLD:  1st/54
ERA:  11th/4.08
WHIP:  15th/1.33

Did I make a mistake by trading away so many of my starting pitchers?  As you can see, I have quickly moved up from last early in the year to 8th in saves.  Unfortunately, I have dropped from 1st in wins and strikeouts.  Also, my ERA/WHIP has skyrocketed. 

Sadly, I just need my team to be more consistent.  It seems like players decide to suck during the same time period.