Fantasy Baseball Week Thirteen

In order to make up enough ground to catch Ryan, I need to beat on the bad teams.  That is what I did against Game Changers, beating him 9-3.  The weird thing is I won all the hitting categories and the only categories I lost were saves, strikeouts, and ERA.  I think ERA will be a problem for awhile with Sabathia getting hurt. 

I had a bunch of great hitters:  Hosmer (4 R/1 HR/3 RBI/2 SB/.423/.483), Kinsler (8/2/5/2/.355/.355), Stanton (6/3/6/1/.381/.480), Murphy (3/2/7/0/.462/.563), and Ortiz (9/3/5/0/.320/.419).  Also, Posey had a good week as well.  The only two that actually played poorly were Moustakas and Ethier.  Gordon was his normal self…low average, bunch of steals.

My pitching was good, but not spectacular.  Phil Hughes was fantastic for me though, he had 2 wins, 12 Ks, 1.13 ERA, and a .88 WHIP.  I would love to get that kind of production from  him each week.  I guess he is stepping up for Sabathia.  Motte had three saves for me.  Axford may not be able to turn things around and maybe I should drop him.

I am now in second place, but I am still 12 games behind Ryan.  This week I take on El Natural, who is only 1.5 games behind me.  My record is 90-61-5.