I Like Crappy Movies…

I am sure that everyone has a movie out there that they are ashamed to admit they like.  I have a bunch of them.  Every time they are on, I sit and watch them.  Some of them would shock most people.  The movie that I want to mention today is The Chronicles of Riddick.

I have no clue why I like it so much.  I do not like Vin Diesel, yet for some reason this movie (and to a much lesser extent Pitch Black) are my krytonite.  Seriously, the movie has everything:  great fight scenes, cheesy dialogue, impossible scenarios, and stupid mythology.  Obviously I would love something like this.  I mean, Vin kills someone with a tea cup!

Also, I sat and watched Gideon play the video game Escape From Butcher Bay.  Yes, I watched him play because I am terrible at video games and would have never made it out of level one.  It was a pretty good story and seemed like a good game.  It was basically the origin of Vin’s glow-in-the-dark eyes.

So what stupid movies do you like?