TV Themes

Every time the Science Channel has a Firefly marathon, I get stuck watching it.  Honestly, I think the opening theme is what gets me hooked (also, the show is fantastic).  It got me thinking about other shows that I just love the opening…

Mad Men–unfortunately I cannot find the real opening, but this one with a Batman twist is pretty good.

Breaking Bad–This one is so simple, but effective.

Justified–such an odd combination, but it is actually pretty great.

Sons of Anarchy–I just love this one.  And the Irish version.

Batman:  The Animated Series–Seriously, has there ever been a better Batman tune?  I love how they used a variation of this theme when Batman would take control of the situation and defeat the villain.

X-Men Cartoon–This was my ringtone for a long time…

The Sopranos–a cool opening and a good song.

The Simpsons–seriously, how could I not mention this one?

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air–Everyone knows this one…

Smallville–I actually like this song.

Scrubs–Another decent song.

Treme–This one gets me all pumped to watch the show.

I am sure I am forgetting some, but whatever..