Two Pirate Games

I had the privilege of going to two Pirates games this week.  On Saturday, my boss took Lindsey and I to the company owned suite.  We got down there a bit early and drank all of the free beer by the fourth inning.

The Buccos beat the Marlins 5-1, and they somehow managed to score four runs without having an official at-bat.  It was pretty crazy to see the situation play out.  Something I will never forget.  It went something like this:
-Barajas HBP
-Barmes HBP
-Burnett sacrifice bunt, but is safe at first on a throwing error, Barajas scores
-Presley walks
-Walker sacrifice fly, Barmes scores
-McCutchen walks
-GFJ walks, Burnett scores
-McGehee walks, Presley scores

Burnett pitched a great game.  Brad Lincoln came in during the 7th inning with one out and saved the game for A.J.

Anyways, it was a pretty awesome time.

After work on Tuesday, I went back down for a game with some guys from work.  These were not free tickets and they were actually fantastic seats and only $40.

We were in the second row.  Pretty great if you ask me.  Sadly, the Pirates did not play so well.  They got beat by the Cubs 5-1.

Paul Maholm pitched a pretty damn good game, unfortunately this was not 2011 or before.  Weird seeing him pitch against the Pirates.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Brad and his wife.  Hope to see them again at a game…

Also, I received my #BUCN shirt from TIGO this week.  I will be able to wear it to my next game, which will hopefully be soon…