Wheel of Time Casting: More Characters!

As I promised, here are some of my ideas for who should be cast if they ever made this series into movies.

Corlan Dashiva
I am 99.934% sure that Dashiva is Osan’gar.  Although, one thing I cannot explain is why Dashiva did not just attack Rand when he was close to him.  I feel like he could have killed Rand quickly at times.  In the last book, he helps a group attack Rand.  Why wait until this moment?  Does Osan’gar not have the strength to take on Rand?  At one point I remember Dashiva taking as much saidin as Rand.

Anyways, I think Anthony Michael Hall would do a great job as the near crazy Dashiva, who stands around muttering to himself.  Also, when he confronts Rand about something being wrong with saidin, Hall would be able to pull off the serious change in voice.

Halima Saranov
We know early on that she is actually Aran’gar (who is actually Balthamel in a woman’s body).  She can channel, but since she is around women, they cannot see it because she still channels saidin.

Apparently she is described as being very attractive.  She wears skimpy clothes and loves to show off her boobs.  I think Eva Green would be great.  She likes to make her hips shake and be flirty, plus I am sure she can pull off the evilness of one of the Foresaken.

Damer Flinn
He is one of the oldest Asha’men.  He used to be one of the Queen’s guards, but he was injured and forced to retire (something like that).  He has a limp and really only wants to use his ability to channel to help heal people.  He actually healed Rand at one point. 

Ed Harris has that grizzled army veteran look down.  Also, he just seems like the kind of guy who would be interested in Healing.

Elyas Machera
We met this guy early on.  He informs Perrin about his wolf powers.  Elyas has been running with wolves for a long time.  We learn from Lan that Elyas was once one of the great Warders, who ran away.

Nowadays he is helping Perrin (probably going to be important with the search and rescue of Faile) and also giving him advice about women, which is probably a bad thing.  I think Javier Bardem could be pretty cool as a crazy wolf-man.  Running around with his dagger, wearing fur clothes.

Chiad, Bain, and Gaul
Chiad and Bain are first-sisters or something like that.  They are Aiel Maidens of the Spear and they are now friends with Faile.  At the end of the last book they were taken prisoner by the Shaido.  They have a funny sense of humor about Perrin and at times drive him a little crazy.

Gaul is a Stone Dog and for that is usually made fun of by Chiad and Bain.  He has a thing for Chiad, he wants to marry her, but she will not give up the spear because of Bain.  Gaul does not like Bain.  I think if you had Josh Lucas, Amy Adams (as Chiad, she could do the whole, be mean thing, but then flirt with him), and Lindsay Lohan (Bain–she could really pull off that mean, bitchiness).

That is all I have for now, I will add more once I finish the next book…