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Apparently Pittsburgh is a terrible baseball town because there were not too many people at the park Monday or Tuesday night for games against the Cardinals, who the Pirates are battling for a wild card spot.  Some people have claimed that the dip in attendance had nothing to do with the Pirates losing recently, but instead with kid’s starting school this week and with it raining on Monday.

What did the attendance look like for other teams on Monday?  I am sure most kids are going back to school this week (I realize some go earlier, and some go a little later, but I would bet on average, this is a good week to bet kid’s are going back).

White Sox at Orioles:  10,955/45,971/23.83%
Royals at Red Sox:  37,506/37,495/100.29%
A’s at Indians:  13,018/43,429/29.98%
Mariners at Twins:  31,883/39,504/80.71%
Blue Jays at Yankees:  42,962/52,325/82.11%
Rays at Rangers:  29,453/48,194/61.11%
Reds at Diamondbacks:  17,966/48,633/36.94%
Brewers at Cubs:  32,541/41,009/79.35%
Dodgers at Rockies:  30,148/50,398/59.82%
Braves at Padres:  20,590/42,445/48.51%
Cardinals at Pirates:  16,700/38,362/43.53%

Look, the Orioles are in a wild card battle and they have a similar market size as the Pirates, yet there was practically no one at the game.  Obviously the Pirates attendance could be better, but how much of a drop off was the attendance of this game versus any other Monday game?  Here is every Monday game this year at PNC:
May 21 vs Mets:  14,556
May 28 vs Reds:  14,792
July 2 vs Astros:  21,041
July 23 vs Cubs:  27,586
Aug 6 vs Dbacks: 24,213
Aug 13 vs Dodgers:  24,670

So does winning help people come out to the park?  Well, at a Monday game on August 23 of 2010 (when the Buccos were absolutely terrible) the attendance was 12,393.  Look, Monday games are not going to be a huge draw.  People are broke from the weekend.  Hell, we see the same thing where I work.

And yeah, reading this was probably a huge waste of your time.  Sorry.

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  1. I was at the game on Monday, and I sat through all the rain, and I didn’t get home til midnight and had to get up at 6am the next day. But had Alvarez hit one of those homeruns that night instead of both on Tuesday, it would have all been worth it…

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