Breaking Bad: Dead Freight

What a great episode!  Here are some of the best parts…

-Creepy kid catching a tarantula.  Ugh, that made me want to vomit.

-I knew Walt was up to something when he started crying, but to know that Hank would leave the room and give him a minute to compose himself is just awesome.  I guess he could have said something to force Hank to leave, but Walt knew exactly how Hank would react.

-Lydia was ten seconds away from getting a bullet in the head.  I loved Mike’s instructions to her:  if you scream for help, I will pull out my pistol and shoot you in the head.  Then when he has her repeat it back “you will pull out your gun and shoot me.”  He corrects her and says about getting the details right.  He is such an ice-cold dude.

-A train heist.  And the majority of this ends up being Jesse’s idea.  The follow through of the entire thing was pretty awesome.  The way they switched out the methylamine with water and then blame it on China.  Pretty smooth.  “It’s all about the weight, yo.”

-Then, the creepy kid shows back up and Todd decides to put a bullet in the kid.  Granted, he was following his orders.  He was told to do whatever Walt or Jesse tell him, and then those two make it very clear that no one can know about the heist…

What will this do to Jesse?  I have a feeling he is gong to realize that Walt is a cold-blooded psychopath.  This will probably be the end of their relationship (although, could everyone see how proud Walter was of Jesse about the heist idea?)

-I realized that Kuby is played by Bill Burr.  He is a comedian I have seen a few different times.  Pretty funny guy.  I love this clip…

-I think I like Emo McGee much better than Flynn.  I constantly wish he would take a bullet.  Sadly that will probably not happen.

-At what point will Walt kill Skylar and make it look like a suicide?  I think he will use the ricin that he hid in the electrical outlet.  They would not have went to all the trouble of him hiding it if it was not going to come back into play later.