Bunch of Stuff

All sorts of random stuff that I want to mention.  I have a pretty big weekend coming up, so allow me to give ya the preview.

-Friday:  Going to the Pirates game with my brother, father, grandfather, and uncle.
-Saturday:  Going to Offord’s wedding reception on the Gateway Clipper.  Tomorrow I will post something more about that.
-Sunday:  Going to the Pirates game with Lindsey.  Also, my mom and step-dad are going to meet us there.

-Joel McHale will play a conman this season on Sons of Anarchy.  That seems like such an odd mix, but it will probably be very cool.

-I really hope that Marvel can keep all the actors from Avengers.  If any actor is considering going off to do other films, take a look at Tobey Maguire’s resume since Spider-Man (I bet he was hoping someone would call him to make a fourth movie).

“I’m thinking of you!”

I realize that Robert Downey Jr. is a much bigger star than Maguire, but what about some of the other guys…maybe I just want to see a ton of comic book movies.

-The one thing as an atheist that can be difficult, is finding something to say to a religious person when someone dies or gets sick.  Most people say something like “I will keep you in my prayers.”  But, if you say “Hey, I will think about you a bunch.”  You sound like a fuckin’ pervert…

And obviously it is a little insensitive to inform them that their entire belief system is a sham.  You have to know when to pick and choose those kinds of battles.

-I am addicted to Simply Orange with Mango.  Seriously, it is the best stuff ever.  I can easily drink the entire bottle in one sitting.  Hey, at least it is not Mountain Dew.

-I really need to decide on who to vote for during this election.  Obviously not going to vote for Romney, but how do I really feel about the job Obama has done?

-I am excited about the new Penn State jerseys.  Only because I like being able to read the names and because I usually get confused when two players have the same number.  Seriously, that happens (my brother can back me up on that one, we noticed it during the Iowa game).

-Who else thinks Walt will eventually murder Skylar on Breaking Bad?  I hope so, she irritates the shit out of me.

-Congratulations to my friend Steve, who finished the PghPedal in 2:05:14 for 26.7 miles.  Awesome, especially when I think of all those nights at Mugshots pounding beers, chain-smoking, and being generally unhealthy individuals.  Proud of him!

Alright, that is about it for me.

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