I have been using deodorant for the majority of my life.  Since I was in junior high school I have used Old Spice, a variety of different scents.  In fact, until recently, I have always used the Pure Sport.  Here is something I have noticed since switching from Pure Sport, to the new exotic scents like Denali, Fiji, or Belize:  they do not last nearly as long.

Seriously, a stick of Pure Sport would last me around four months, whereas this new stuff lasts about two months.  I wonder if Old Spice purposely changed the formula around so people would have to buy deodorant more often?  It is not like I have suddenly decided to start wearing more deodorant.  I take the same number of showers per day.

Anyways, that is my stray observation of the day.  Go about your business.

2 thoughts on “Deodorant

  1. And the new Old Spice deodorants don’t seem to wok as well. I tried them all, along with the antiperspirant OS deodorants, and none compare. I did switch to After Hours, though, no more Pure Sport.

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