Fall Television

Summer is coming to an end and that means the fall TV shows will come back.  Here are the shows I will be watching.

Boardwalk Empire
This is the show I am most excited about.  I loved the way the entire season went, with Jimmy rising, then falling.  Everything seemed to be going back to the way it was, but then Nucky decided to take Jimmy’s advice and that meant killing the person who betrayed Nucky.

There seems to be a new rival in town, one that will force Nucky to continue down this path of becoming a full gangster (this is what Jimmy told him at one point).  Judging by the series three promo, it looks like Nucky will be going deeper into that hole.

So many things happened in the background as well.  What will happen with Owen?  How pissed will Nucky be when he finds out that Margeret slept with Owen and gave the land to the church.  What will happen to Richard now that Jimmy is dead?  Will he kill Manny?

Sons of Anarchy
Remember that terrible season finale?  The cartel turns out to actually be the CIA and Jax cannot kill Clay because they need him alive or the IRA will walk away from the gun deal…blah blah blah.  It was really the worst reveal of all time.

Whatever, I still get excited for a new season.  This reminds me of how I used to get so pumped for each new season of 24.  Hopefully this season can restore my faith in it.  It already looks promising judging from this video.

Do not judge me!  I like this show.  Last season was the whole Leviathan story.  It ended with Dick Roman being killed by Castiel and Dean, but being sent to Purgatory.  I am guessing they will escape from Purgatory and continue with stopping some bad guys.

Person of Interest
Finch was kidnapped at the end of the season and Reese is somehow contacting the Machine.  I honestly have no clue if I actually watched the season finale.  I will try this season out though, if it sucks, I might have to drop it though.

The Walking Dead
This season will focus around the prison.  Also, we get to see more of the mysterious Michonne, who showed up at the end of last season.  Anyways, how will the group react to Rick’s new role as the dictator of the group?

Also, the Governor appears this season.  I wonder how much they will have to cut from the comic?  I do not think we will see half the things that he did…

I was not going to give this show a chance, but I have actually heard good things.  I am hoping that it takes a gritty approach.    Apparently once he returns from his boating accident, Oliver has to clear his family’s name by taking down his father’s enemies.  Seriously, they could really make this an interesting show.  Okay, maybe I just like Green Arrow.

Okay, this new show could have potential.  A world where the electricity stops working and people need to find a way to survive.  Apparently, there is also some conspiracy about how it could have happened.   Also, Gus Fring plays a bad guy.

I like these kind of shows.  Hopefully this will be good because I really want a show that could bring back those fun television discussions like Lost or even Heroes.

Other Shows
Here is the list of other shows I will be watching, let me know what you will be watching or any other shows I should try.
The League
It’s Always Sunny