Fantasy Baseball Week Eighteen

I actually allowed Offord to win this week.  I did not want to beat him during his wedding week.  That would just be mean.  That is my story anyways.  Sadly, my team is falling apart.  Sabathia went back on the DL as did Bloomquist. 

The only player on my team that was worth anything was Buster Posey, 4 R/3 HR/7 RBI/.421/.571.  Seriously though, everyone else blew a donkey dick. 

I am now 115-95-6 and back to fifth place overall.  I still trail Ryan in the division, but Sean is bearing down on me.  This week I take on Swing’nTheBigStick, who is fighting for a playoff position.  If I destroy him and Offord wins, he could move into 8th place.

I want to talk about my role as the commissioner of the league.  Over the weekend Ryan and Pat made a trade.  Ryan gave up JJ Hardy and Yu Darvish for Adam Wainwright.  Another guy in the league, Ron, became very upset saying that this was an unfair trade.

He feels that Pat is trying to help Ryan secure a win.  Unfortunately, that does not make sense.  Ryan and Pat do not know each other.  There is no money involved in the league, so what would Pat care if Ryan wins the league.  Pat says that he wanted to shake his team up since he is losing.  I can understand that sentiment.

This is the second time that Ron has complained that a trade is unfair.  He wants me to do something.  After much consideration, I decided the trade was fair, maybe not a good trade, but still fair.  I feel the only trades I would disallow would be ones that look ridiculous.  Someone trading Juan Cruz for Albert Pujols or people that I know have personal connections making big trades. 

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