Fantasy Baseball Week Nineteen

This was a screwed up week.  I think Yahoo had a few glitches because it took forever to get the weekly results.  I believe them to be accurate now, but who knows.  Last night when I checked, I was only losing 6-4 and his team was all done.  My team had one guy pitching.  Plus some of the stats were different.

My best hitter was Giancarlo Stanton, who came off the DL and decided to knock out three home runs.  He also scored five runs and drove in six.  David Murphy, Buster Posey, Mike Moustakas, and even Hunter Pence were all pretty good as well.  Ian Kinsler blew a horse cock.  Seriously, he did not have a hit and pretty much was the reason my batting average was so low.

My pitching was pretty good.  How often can you have a 1.07 WHIP and lose the category.  Also, Josh Johnson pitched very good in two starts, but because the Marlins suck he failed to pick up a win.  If I had remembered to start Matt Thornton, I would have picked up a hold and won that category. 

I dropped to third place in the division and sixth place overall with a 118-102-8 record.  I take on Sean this week, who jumped over me for the fifth spot.  I must beat him.

I want to take another moment here and talk about another trade issue.  It involved the same guy from last week.  The trade started with me offering Eric Hosmer for Manny Machado.  He countered with Machado, Dan Haren, and Curtis Granderson for Buster Posey, Hunter Pence, and C.C. Sabathia. 

I then countered with Pence and Ross Detwiler for Machado.  I figured this would be the most fair.  I did not like Haren for Sabathia.  Haren has been terrible lately and even though Sabathia is on the DL, he should be back next week, and C.C. is usually pretty reliable.

He countered with this:  Machado, Jhonny Peralta, Brandon McCarthy for Posey and Sabathia.  I declined and made a counter of Jesus Montero, Pence, and Sabathia for Machado, Curtis Granderson, and Madison Bumgarner.

He declined this trade and decided to include a note with his next offer:

I don’t need another C. Montero doesn’t help me. I’ve sweetened this a bit, but keep in mind I’m also taking back a DL pitcher in return. Especially now that Manny has 3B eligibility, this is the deal.

This is the deal:  Posey, Giancarlo Stanton, and Sabathia for Machado, Shane Victorino, and McCarthy.  Are you kidding me?  I decided to not accept or counter his trade because I could not deal with the pompous “this is the deal.”  Fuck you dude.

When I try to come up with trades, I generally try to make it fair for both parties.  There are times when I will try to offer something crazy, especially if I have a player that I know someone likes.  Once the trades are rejected, I will try to counter with something fair.

This dude though, he really wants to get Posey and Stanton for an unproven shortstop and Shane Victorino???  Also, he ended up dropping Dan Haren like two days later.  Does this guy have a clue what he is doing.  And yes Gideon, I read your note about his credentials.  He is still a whiny dick.

Thank you Sean for beating him last week.  Even if does mean you are now ahead of me in the division.

One thought on “Fantasy Baseball Week Nineteen

  1. I know I also came off as a little heated with that note last week against this guy, but he pushed all the right buttons on me and had nothing backing up his arguments…no stats…no logical thought process…nothing! I could have handled it a little better, but I wanted to say the cliche “you’re preachin’ to the choir” for this post.

    Good luck the rest of the way, I hope you make the playoffs and that dick has to watch. Did you see I’ve already clinched?!

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