Fantasy Baseball Week Seventeen

Ryan and I were tied 5-5 on Sunday morning.  His team must have belted four home runs.  My team decided to lose the ERA/WHIP battle that day and hand those ones to Ryan.  I did pick up two saves on Sunday, but sadly it was not enough.

Buster Posey absolutely crushed the ball this week:  4 R/3 HR/9 RBI/.500/.600.  Next best player was David Murphy 4 R/6 RBI/1 SB/.417/.481.  Is there any better fourth outfielder than Murphy?  Ian Kinsler also had a great week, sadly after those three, most of my guys were below average (or banged up for a few days).

My pitchers were pretty good (despite me bitching about their Sunday performance).  Hughes, Johnson, Detwiler, and Sabathia all picked up wins for me.  I grabbed Matt Harvey off the waiver wire, he had two starts, but they were not spectacular.  My best pitcher though was Matt Thornton who snagged me two wins.  I love when a reliever does that for me.

I am still in 4th place overall and behind Ryan in the division.  I am 110-88-6.  This week I take on Offord, this should be the battle of who has the most injured players.