Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty

Early in the week, things looked pretty bad.  Sean was giving me an ass beating.  My team was hitting around .200 and then Friday and Saturday happened.  My team exploded offensively.  18 runs, 6 HRs, and 21 RBIs.  They hit almost .450 in those two days.  As you can see, it helped out.  I was actually winning after Friday, but then my pitching fell apart Saturday.  My team ERA went from a high two to a high three. 

Andre Ethier was my best hitter:  7 R/2 HR/6 RBI/.440/.440.  David Murphy, Ian Kinsler, and Brandon Phillips also had great weeks.  Giancarlo Stanton decided to continue blasting bombs, he hit five this week.

Minus Josh Johnson, my pitching was pretty good.  Matt Thornton picked up three holds.  Sabathia came back from the DL and proved that he was quite fine with nine strikeouts and a win.

I am still in sixth place with a 123-107-10 record.  I am taking on the dickhead I mentioned last week.  I need to beat him because he is a dickhead and because he is only two games behind me.

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