Offord’s Wedding

Saturday was Jason’s wedding.  Lindsey and I got there and met up with Ryan and his girlfriend, Adele.  The reception was held on the Gateway Clipper.  It was definitely a very cool setting.

Seriously, enjoying the night in front of PNC Park.  Yeah, it is still the most beautiful park in all of baseball.  Can anyone really argue against that?

“Hi, I’m Ryan.”  If you ever see him, just say that to him while making your voice deeper.  He will laugh.

Nice job on my part of ruining a fantastic picture!

Hey, this is a good picture!  Oh and for the people who guessed the answer was #7.  No one really guessed it, Mom was close, but I started out with this look.

I think I was starting to get a little drunk at this point.  Lindsey looked quite beautiful.  We really had a great time and so glad we could be there to celebrate Jason and Leigh’s wonderful day.