The Suit Challenge

As I said yesterday, I will be going to a wedding on Saturday.  I recently bought a new suit for the event and figured I would allow everyone to play a little game.  Here are the different combinations I could wear and you need to guess which one I will actually choose.  I will provide photographic evidence after the weekend to prove the winner.  Also to prove how incredibly drunk I was…

Also, I apologize with the shitty quality of the photos.  My phone is almost done.

1.  Jacket, no tie, no vest.

2.  Jacket, tie, vest.

3.  No tie, no jacket, no vest.

4.  Jacket, tie, no vest.

5.  Tie, no vest, no jacket.

6.  Vest, no jacket, no tie.

7.  Tie, vest, no jacket, sleeves rolled

8. Vest, tie, no jacket

Commence with the guessing!

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