Avengers Again

I bought and watched Avengers today, and it was just as good as it was the first time.  The movie got me thinking about something though:  collateral damage.  All of these movies (comic book or disaster) show major cities getting trashed and no one ever talks about the cleanup and repairs needed afterward.

There is a scene where Thor is on the Empire State Building and he summons the lightning, which if you listen carefully causes the windows to break.  There are 6514 windows, and one estimate I read says that to replace each window costs around $2500, which comes out to $16,285,000 for just that building’s windows.

That does not even take into consideration the number of walls destroyed in those buildings, what about actual structural damage?  Property and infrastructure damage from 9/11 was over $10 billion.  Would the attack in a movie like this hit somewhere around $100 billion?  How many buildings were damaged when the Hulk killed that flying monster?  Hell, look at the damage to the streets, how long would it take to repair that?

At least an attack like that would be helpful to the construction industry in NYC.  What would happen to the insurance companies that cover these buildings?  Would they have to go bankrupt?  Look at how many cars get tossed around by Thor or Hulk.

Just something fun to think about.