Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, and Revolution

Boardwalk Empire
-Nucky is now such a badass!  His whole speech to the thief at the beginning was pretty awesome.  At first it seemed like he was going to allow the guy to live, but then he ends it with “oh yeah, put a bullet in his brain.”

-Manny took a bullet from Richard.  Sadly, I will miss hearing him say “boychik.”  It was actually sad seeing him die (even though he deserved it).  He was so sweet to his wife and he even acknowledged to being a friend to Micky Doyle.

-Gyp Rosetti is a scary individual.  Bashes some guy’s brains in just for saying “what else?” in reference to some oil.  This is why I never stop and help people on the highway.  Also, his insane anger towards Nucky should provide a good villain this season.

-Nucky is not very happy about his wife giving his money to the church (which helped build a nice hospital).  They seem so happy all episode, but then we learn he is sleeping with the singer and things are not well at home.

-Richard is not pleased with the way Gillian is forcing Jimmy’s kid to refer to her as mom.  I really wish Richard would put a bullet in her.

-I was so excited to see Al’s wrath on O’Banion (not the same one from Dazed and Confused), but instead Nelson (now known as Mr. Mueller) walks in and O’Banion plays it off like he is one of his henchmen (sorry about the misuse of pronouns).  You do not make fun of Al’s kid!

Sons of Anarchy
-FUCK!  Tara and Jax got married in a brothel???  I keep hoping she will be gone, but oh no!  They just keep immersing her into the story.

-My favorite part of the episode was Nero driving Jax around and deciding to help him out by losing the tail and then driving head on at them.  He then tells Jax that it was fun and that he does not get out much anymore.  I am digging this dude.

-Second favorite part:  Opie punching the sheriff.  Glad he is back with the club.

-Apparently the CIA does not have a backup plan if SAMCRO goes to jail.  Aside from “let the blacks kill him.”  What the hell good is the CIA?

-To be honest, the whole Faun thing was kind of stupid.  You mean everyone just hangs outside the place while she is getting banged by her boyfriend?  Just seems very awkward to me.

-I do not see how they can win this war with Pope.  There will be no negotiation with him.  The only thing I can imagine is SAMCRO giving up Tig and calling it even.  However, that will not happen.  They will somehow find a way to beat Pope.

-What the hell was in that safe?  I feel like I am missing something about these home invasions.  Does Clay have some more secrets?  Does he have a secret wife somewhere or something?  I have no clue what is going on.

Well it was not terrible…unfortunately it was not great either.  I liked the idea, but then they had to go with the simple coincidences turn into complex plot lines.  For instance, the lady who helps the kid, turns out to have one of those necklaces and it can make the power come back on and she is able to use a computer to communicate with someone.  I hate that shit.

Charlie is at least hot.  But she is also kind of stupid.  How did she not know what her uncle looked like?  Her dad did not have a picture of him at all?  Oh, and she did not think it was odd that Nate just happened to show up to save her life?  Or at least save her from a raping…

I do enjoy that the uncle is a super-soldier and that his friend from the beginning is General Monroe.  That makes sense that he would want the two brothers, since he was there when the call came in.  Also, Gus Fring was actually a bit more talkative, but still pretty scary.