Breaking Bad: Gliding Over All

Holy crap!  So much happened this episode.  Unfortunately, we have to wait until next summer to find out how this series will end.  I understand the reasoning, but damn, I do not want to wait.  Here are some of the best parts of the episode, spoilers ahead:

-Walt’s meeting with Lydia was pretty cool.  I loved how it mimicked Mike’s meeting with her:  both of them saying they would not order anything and whatnot.  I was glad to see the little vial of ricin make an appearance.  I guess my theory of Walt using it to murder Skylar is probably way off.

-Walt decides to take care of the nine guys who could name him or Lydia by hiring some Neo-Nazis.  If this were on FX they could have tied it with Sons of Anarchy and Justified.  That little bit of murder was awesome.  I was shocked that it actually worked.  Funny how Hank tells Walt the story about a summer job he had and how he misses that drudgery and how monsters are able to get away.

-Selling meth to the Czech Republic, what a great idea.  I loved the montage scene of Walt and Todd going from house to house cooking.  I also liked how we see Walt growing bored with how much the entire “empire business” became drudgery.  This was also a great of helping move the time along three additional months.

-Skylar plays with her kids and she realizes how much she wants them back.  She takes Walt out to storage shed she paid for and shows him the giant pile of money he has accrued from the Czech deal.  She asks him to stop.  After some thought, he decides enough is enough.

-His visit with Jesse was pretty intense.  Apparently, Jesse is not doing so great.  Walt wants to talk about the old times in the RV.  Jesse knows about Mike.  Walt leaves and we see that he has left Jesse two dufflebags full of money (I wonder if it is the $5 million or if Walt left him more?).  Jesse then tosses a gun across the floor.  I doubted anything would happen to either character, but you never know with a show like this.

-We see Walt coming out of his scan, and it is just like the scene in the pilot episode.  He even stops to look at the dented paper towel dispenser from when he punched it.

-We move forward to a nice family outing with Hank and Marie over at the house.  Flynn is playing with Holly.  I honestly thought that Flynn would take a bullet from a sniper.  My theory was that the drug dealers that Walt made a deal with last episode, would become a little pissed with losing out on their product.  They would find Walt somehow and try to kill him, or one of his family members.  I seriously almost paused it to see if I could see someone on one of the roofs.

Instead, Hank heads to the bathroom and while taking a poop, he picks up a book.  It turns out to be the book that Gayle gave to Walt.  Hank happens to see the inside first page, where Gayle wrote a note, similar to what they found in Gayle’s notebook, something with W.W.  Hank even remembers the conversation with Walt when he said who is W.W.?  And Walter said “you got me!”

So many things to think about for the final eight episodes.

-The ricin will come into play.  Who will it be used on?  My guess is that Walt tries to slip it to Hank, or maybe Marie…
-If Walt has cancer, could he have left the book for Hank to find?  Walt does not seem like the careless type.  Does he want to get caught?  Or is this his way out?  He will give up Madrigal, Lydia, the drug dealers, everyone.  Would that include Jesse?
-Many people believe that you can see a wire on Walt during the flash-forward scene in the first episode.  There is a theory that Walter has turned State’s evidence.  I do not know if I buy this one.
-What is Todd doing after all this?  I highly doubt that he just said “oh, okay, we get to quit now?”  Did he learn too much?  Could Walt try to pin him as Heisenberg to Hank?  I doubt it.
-Can Walter White redeem himself?
-Seriously, will someone please kill Flynn aka Emo McGee aka Walt Jr.?

Feel free to share your theories, questions, or anything about the final eight episodes…

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad: Gliding Over All

  1. I don’t think Jesse knows about Mike. I believe Saul just told him about the killings of the 10 inmates (I’m not even sure Saul knows about Mike). That’s why they were talking about not having to move – there’s no one else to turn them in. I also think Jesse would be a lot more upset if he knew about Mike.

    I was also expecting someone to bite it in that last barbecue scene. I’m sure they filmed it that way on purpose.

    1. I think that Jesse knowing the Walt killed Mike would justify the intense fear Jesse had when Walt showed up. Also the reason for keeping a gun on him for the meeting.

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