Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Four

Congratulations to Sean for winning the battle of the blogs.  I honestly have very little to say about this week.  Gideon is playing for the championship, so good luck to him.  I am playing for seventh place.  Yeah, it is almost worth getting excited about.

Buster Posey and David Murphy were my best hitters.  They both hit .318, which is pretty sad that they were my only hitters over .300.  I had a few guys hit under .200.  Stanton missed the entire week with an oblique injury so that explains why my home runs were low.

My pitching on the other hand was pretty damn good.  Jason Motte had five saves and ten strikeouts, without giving up any runs and barely any hits.  Drew Storen also had a great week, picking up a save and a hold.  Honestly, I wish my pitching had been this good against Gideon. 

The season is almost over.  Next week I will not have any fantasy sports at all.  Such a sad moment.

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