Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-One

Of all the people to lose to, I had to lose to this guy!  Maybe it was a bad move getting rid of so many of those starting pitchers.

My best hitter was David Murphy yet again.  Seriously, how awesome of a pick-up has this dude been?  Last week his line was 5 R/2 HR/5 RBI/.500/.571.  Yeah, not bad for a guy who was supposed to be a fourth outfielder.  Most of my guys were pretty damn good, but the most surprising was Hunter Pence, who finally decided to show up (4 R/1 HR/6 RBI/.318/.400).

The pitching was not all that spectacular.  Obviously.  Most of my guys sucked.  I also missed putting Sabathia into the lineup one day.  Granted, it would not have helped, but maybe he would have motivated my other guys or something.  Phil Hughes had a great start, but also a poor one to even it out.

My record is now 128-114-10, I am currently in seventh place overall and in fourth place in the division.  I take on Shellie this week, I should beat her.  Seriously, I need to, I could very easily lose my playoff spot.

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