Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Three

What an epic battle!  Sadly, all of my greatest fantasy battles end up with me losing.  All week we were tied 6-6.  Gideon took the lead on Saturday, but then his team decided to go into beast mode and run away with it on Sunday.  Good luck Gideon!  I hope you win it all…

Buster Posey was my best player:  8 R/2 HR/6 RBI/.440/.500.  After that, only David Murphy hit over .300 and Stanton was only able to hit one home run this week.  Phil Hughes had my only win as a start (Eric O’Flaherty had the other one). 

Anyways, the best news is that Ryan lost! I almost feel bad for him, he lost because his OBP was .001 different from his opponent. He is down in the consolation bracket with myself and Sean, who I am taking on this week. 

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Three

  1. What a piss poor way to lose what should go down as one of the greatest fantasy baseball streaks of all time! to lose by a one-thousandth of a percent…are you f*%#ing kidding me?!?! Oh well, I look forward to it next year. Hopefully with just as many players, minus that oviedo psuedonyms guy…he’s just a deusch

    1. I would probably invite him back. He at least stayed competitive all year. I plan on writing about this more later, I want to make this a keeper league with a small money wager…

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