Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Two

Not the way I wanted to end the regular season.  I would have preferred a huge victory, but whatever.  It was nice to see my pitching do a little better.  And my hitting was not terrible, just the average/OBP were worrisome.

The only hitter who was at all good was Giancarlo Stanton, 6 R/4 HR/5 RBI/1 SB/.276/.344, everyone else pretty much sucked.  My best pitcher was Eric O’Flaherty, he picked up three holds and five strikeouts.  He gave up no runs…not too shabby for a relief pitcher that no one in any other league probably owns.  Thanks Eric!

I finished the regular season in seventh place overall with a record of 135-118-11.  This week I take on Gideon in the first round of the playoffs.  He is the second seed and if I beat him, I would probably have to go through Sean, who is the third seed.  Not an easy path to the finals…

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