New Phone Time

I finally bought a new phone.  The Droid X was dying on me.  My screen had the black dots of death growing on them.  Basically that means there were dead pixels and they started to grow.  It was becoming increasingly difficult to play Sudoku on my phone.

I looked at a few different phones and decided on the HTC Incredible.  So far I enjoy the differences and the speed of 4G (when I find an area that actually has 4G).   I also love the speed of the camera (and the pictures seem much better).  My old phone took forever to load the camera, but this one pops up in like a second.

The best part about having a new phone?  Getting to play with it and spend the time getting used to it.

2 thoughts on “New Phone Time

  1. Holy crap, Josh. I just bought a new phone on Saturday and got rid of my Droid X. My old phone had those same dots that turned into circles. Weird.

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