Sons of Anarchy: Laying Pipe

This was an odd episode, since we knew that someone was going to die, and at the beginning of the episode Pope spells it out to Jax:  one of the Sons must die, but it cannot be Tig because he must stay in jail and get butt-raped all the time.  That only leaves three people:  Jax, Opie, or Chibs.

For awhile, I kept thinking that Jax would find a way to get the club out of this mess and maybe offer the guard money to help them fake a death or something.  Then, I thought he would refuse to choose and the guards would kill Tig, which would have been interesting, since Pope wanted him alive and feeling some big weiner for the rest of his days.

Once Jax told Opie the truth about everything, the pieces started to fit and I knew what was going to happen.  The guards came in to force the truth and Jax was going to volunteer himself, but instead Opie steps in and does the honorable thing.  He goes down for the club.  He is then beaten to death by three guys, and it was seriously gruesome to watch.

I always hoped that Opie would somehow make it out of all this in one piece, but I knew deep down that he would not.  I wanted the show to end with him being the club president and being the one to pull the club out of the guns/drug business.  Unfortunately, this did not happen.  The poor guy lost his wife, then his dad because of this club, obviously he would die for the club as well.

RIP Harry “Opie” Winston, you and your awesome beard will be missed!

I look forward to the day when Jax, Chibs, and Tig pay that guard a visit at his home.  Something tells me that guy is going to get a royal beat down.  Also, I wonder what Jax has planned for Pope?  I know that it seems hopeless at the moment, but it seemed that way with Agent Stahl as well.

Seriously, they need to get rid of the Gemma/Tara story.  I am so sick of those two.  The only positive came when Tara threatened Gemma with the “my husband might murder you” line.  I guess Tara and Clay will threaten her a few more times with the fact that she was an accomplice in JT’s murder.

Also, it was cool to see Gemma beat that hooker up.  What is Clay’s end-game?  Does he want Gemma back or is just trying to torture her?  Oh, and it was nice to see Juice get some, good for him!