Sons of Anarchy: Sovereign

The season premiere was pretty good for the most part.  I only had issue with a few things.  Mainly, the whole Jax having to work with the CIA.  They keep telling him that he cannot tell the club, why not?  If Jax explains to them what is going on, maybe they can come up with a way to get out of it?  Or maybe they will understand his decision to keep them in the “drug” business.

Anyways, that is my only real complaint.  Here are the things I enjoyed:

-The whole Pope thing is going to be crazy.  I just want to hear him scream “WALT!!!!”  (Lost joke, sorry).  I enjoyed the way he is messing with the club, by killing Laroy and the new leader and making it seem like there would be peace.

-I honestly thought Tig was going to die.  I thought that would be an insane way to start the season, but instead they decide to off his daughter, who we met once before.  Granted, her death was pretty intense:  being lit on fire while Tig is forced to watch.

-Also, Pope sending people to be witnesses to the murders that SAMCRO committed was pretty brilliant.  Forcing Jax to go on the run, means the the club will be split apart and easy to take down.  The dude is ruthless.

-Nero?  The guy seems like a pretty decent dude.  I just cannot get past the name.  Obviously this new relationship will not end well for Jax or Gemma.  What will be the price for hiding them there?  What will he do to Gemma that will cause Jax to want to kill him, but then we will find out that he is backed by some serious muscle?  Or maybe they could have met a nice pimp…

-Hopefully this will be the season that Tara takes a bullet.  I am now actively rooting for her death.  She is such a waste of space.  I wish she would just go back to running a department store…(Mad Men reference)

-Who the hell attacked Unser?  Was he at Gemma’s house?  I know it was the home invaders we have all been hearing about, but was there a reason to show the prosthetic leg?  Did we see a guy with that feature before?  If not, when will meet this mysterious badass?

-Clay is back and he has to carry an oxygen tank, how poetic is that?  I wonder what trick he has up his sleeve?  Coming out to the club about Piney’s death and even apologizing to Gemma…hmmm

-The big question this season:  what the hell is up with Jax’s hair?

Here is a video of the gruesome death scene: