Boardwalk Empire: Gyp and the Amazing Previous Two Episodes

Nothing has been as good this season as Boardwalk Empire (Sons of Anarchy has been good, but not even close to BE).  Here are some of my favorite moments of the past two weeks:

-Gyp Rosetti does not like to have people disrespect him.  Nucky tries to reconcile things and Gyp gives a toast in Italian.  Nucky later tries to use the toast in a note from Owen, but it comes out at Bone For Tuna.  This does not piss Gyp off, instead he is pissed that Nucky thinks he needs luck (the toast means good luck essentially).  Later, the sheriff of Tabor Heights gives Gyp some attitude.  Gyp loses it and decides to douse the unfortunate sheriff with gasoline and set him on fire.

-This week, Nucky gives Doyle and the boys instructions to avoid Tabor Heights.  Unfortunately, Doyle is a moron and heads to Tabor Heights with Eli to sniff things out.  The new sheriff says that they will take care of Gyp.  Doyle ignores Nucky’s orders and sends the men to Tabor Heights.  Eli decides to go ahead of them to scope things out.  He finds out that the new sheriff is with Gyp and they are planning to ambush the trucks.  He tries to stop Nucky’s men, but fails.  He hears them being gunned down from the road.

-Eli tried earlier in the episode to talk to Nucky about what was going on, but Nucky blew him off.  At the end of the episode we see Eli telling Nucky everything and I hope that Nucky brings Eli back into his life.  Nucky needs a friend.

-Nucky spends the entire episode with Owen in a basement with Rowland, the kid who has been stealing Nucky’s booze, as well as Waxy Gordon’s.  It seems at first while they are hiding from the feds that the kid is growing on Nucky and may even earn a place in the organization.  However, the moment the kid pulls out a pack of cigarettes (after previously telling Nucky he did not smoke), you know he is dead.  The kid has moxy, but then the kid has a bullet in the back of his head.  Nucky is not to be messed with (this was a message to Owen as well).

-Al Capone goes to visit one of the Irish guys who roughed up his friend.  He beats him to death with a bar stool, then tosses money into the air and tells the patrons to buy the guy a funeral.  He then goes home and plays the mandolin for his deaf son.  Al is such a cool character.  And short.

-Gyp has a few cool lines about the waitress he is flirting with.  Apparently he is going to bang her, or maybe take her in back and show her how to stir the sauce.  Sounds much cooler when he says it though.

-Also, Richard barges in on Doyle getting some lady action in order to smack him around a bit.  He then drags him to Nucky’s place and informs Nucky that Doyle has been saying he killed Manny and that it is absolutely not true.  Nucky realizes that Richard killed Manny.  Richard explains that he killed him because of Angela and that he will not be avenging Jimmy because he was a soldier and dying goes with the job.  Could we see Richard and Owen teaming up at some point to go after Gyp and his men?  I hope so.

Seriously though, there has been so much that has  happened over the last two weeks that it is hard to just not write down every single moment.