Disney, Star Wars, and New Films

I am sure most of you have heard that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm and that a new Star Wars film is being fast-tracked for 2015.  If you have not heard about it, you can read about it here or here.  Obviously, I have to give you my opinion.

At one point in time, I was a huge Star Wars fan and I would have been pumped about the idea of the final three movies.  Unfortunately, I am not as pumped about it now.  I am sure that Disney will just make it a rather silly movie (even more silly than the prequels).  Some of the predictions from Gamma Squad are a bit scary, but foreseeable.

I do like the idea of Heir to the Empire being what this trilogy is about.  However, I do not think this will be the case.  It will be set way in the future, the kids of Han and Leia, being powerful Jedi or something.  If you want to complete the entire cycle, I would think those children (now adults in these movies) would be continuing Uncle Luke’s task of rebuilding the Jedi and fixing the imbalance created when Anakin helped the Emperor murder all the Jedi. 

I just cannot imagine Disney wanting to spend all this money and then try to build a new film with Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford.  They are not so young anymore.  If anything, the three of them will have a cameo in order to throw us old fans a bone.

Instead, it will feature people like this:

 Seriously though, I hope they get a young, upcoming director, who is a huge fan of the original Star Wars films, someone who wants to make a great movie, but also understands the need to sell action figures.   Disney has the money to spend, this will be a huge money-maker no matter what, so why not just make a decent movie for the fans?  Please…