Final Pirate Games and Fantasy Baseball Wrap Up

Monday’s Seats

I ended up going to two of the three final Pirate games of the season.  I went to games Monday and Wednesday.  Both games ended up being free, which is always a plus.  Lindsey’s step-dad took me to the game on Monday and his friend had season tickets and gave two to us.  Lindsey and I used our final free ticket coupon on Wednesday.

The Monday game was pretty good, the Pirates beat the Braves and Jeff Locke earned his first victory.  The Wednesday game was pretty shitty.  The Braves won and the Pirates played like they did not even care.  The Braves scored a bunch of runs because of lackadaisical infield defense.

It was nice to see the fans give Chipper Jones a nice send off by giving him a standing ovation during his final at-bat, even if he hit a single.  The fans also gave McCutchen a standing ovation as well when Tabata came out to replace him.  A.J. Burnett looked pretty good minus his shitty defense behind him and the crowd cheered for his great season when he left the game as well.

Wednesday’s Seats.

Fantasy Baseball
Congratulations to Gideon for winning the championship!  Congrats to myself for losing and ending up in fifth place.  Not to make excuses, but I did not even adjust my lineup for the majority of the final week.  I mean, what is the point of trying to win the 7th/8th place game?

After looking at the final stats, my team was basically an 8th place team.  Neat how that works out.  My pitching took a dramatic turn during the second half and that was probably due to the fact that I kept trading good pitchers to help boost my low batting average, which did come up significantly.

My best hitters were Buster Posey, Giancarlo Stanton, and David Ortiz.  Unfortunately, Ortiz and Stanton missed a bunch of games due to injury.  Posey had a great second half since he was able to surpass McCutchen for the batting title.  My best draft pick was David Murphy, who I snagged in one of the last rounds.

I also made some idiotic moves during the year:  I drafted Mike Trout, but then dropped him because he was not starting the year.  Yeah, that was a pretty stupid move.  My biggest disappointment was Eric Hosmer, I should have dropped him at one point, but I kept hoping he would turn it around.

Sabathia and Hughes were my two best starting pitchers.  Jason Motte was my best reliever (or maybe Eric O’Flaherty).  I guess it depends on how you feel about holds versus saves.

As I said before, I want to start making this league a keeper league.  I like having sixteen teams.  Hopefully everyone will return next year and we can even make this a money league.  Nothing expensive, maybe $20 a person, winner take all.

If we did something like this, would we want to make it that you can keep three players?  Should we expand the DL spaces?  I would like everyone to give me suggestions.