Hurricane Sandy

I feel like I might as well say something about Hurricane Sandy.  I hope everyone is safe and all of that stuff.

On my way home tonight, it was actually a little bit icy.  If you remember, I live on Mount Doom, where it snows earlier than anywhere else, minus the frozen tundra of Finland.

One of my employees called off tonight, actually her mom called and yelled at me because it is a state of emergency and we should be closed.  Yeah, because I actually have a say in that sort of thing.

Also, I hate when people try to say Bloomsburg is Central Pennsylvania…or somewhere like Johnstown.  I am sorry people, this is the region that you can call Central PA.

C’mon, Bloomsburg is way over there!  And no, Ebensburg does not count as central either, so I no longer can say that I live in central PA.  Sorry, just the way it is.

Okay, everyone stay safe out there, and enjoy some of Sean’s musical selections for hurricane weather.