I Bought Clothes!

It has been awhile since I went out and bought clothes (okay, not exactly true, but I mostly buy work clothes).  So, while Lindsey was attending a class at the Waterfront, I decided to go shopping for myself.  Here is what I bought:

I picked up a new black belt from American Eagle.  I have been asking Lindsey to get me one for awhile now and she always forgets.  So I said screw it and bought myself one.  Nothing major, just a plain black belt, my old one is a little small (it is like eight years old and fit me better back in those days).

I also wanted a pair of khaki pants.  Not for work, but for going out and whatnot.  As I get older, I notice that I actually enjoy wearing my work pants more often.  So I went out and bought a pair of Banana Republic chinos (Christ, does that make me sound like any more of a yuppy?)

Fortunately, I had a coupon for 40% off any regularly priced item.  When I went to check out, the girl informed me that they changed the sale and you could get two items for the same 40% off.

So I decided on the orange sweater.  It was a tough decision because I liked all the colors there.  I have a nice black sweater, and the red one was great, but I have so many red shirts.  I just bought a brown sweater…it was tough, but I finally decided that since I have no orange shirts, this would be the way to go.  I think it looks great.

I went to a bunch of places looking for a jacket.  I know what I have in mind, but I could not seem to find one anywhere.

I found a couple I liked at different stores, but they were more than I was willing to spend.  I am looking for something to wear during the fall/spring seasons that is not a black fleece (since I already have one).  I like to wear brown shoes at times and it looks rather silly when I wear them with a black jacket.  I know, I am such a loser for worrying about these things.

I decided to say screw the jacket search and look for shoes.  Yes, I love buying shoes.  That was the last time I purchased shoes (I am pretty sure I linked to my other shoe adventures there).  I went to Journeys and looked at a few that kind of liked.  I decided to try these Sperry’s on.  I loved them, they are comfortable and look very good on me.  I now need to get a pair of the black ones.

I should be a professional shoe photographer!  And yes, I am now an 83 year old man wearing loafers.  Whatever, judge me all you want.

I lied earlier.  I did buy some work clothes.  The Place That Shall Not Be Named no longer carries the awesome sweater vests that I wear during the winter.  So…I went out and bought a few of my own.  I will not be forced to wear a tie!