Louis C.K. Live in Cleveland

My birthday present from Lindsey was tickets to see Louis C.K. in Cleveland on October 3rd.  He decided to go against Ticketmaster and just sell the tickets for $45.  He actually elaborates the whole thing here.

During his encore, he actually made a joke about how it was nice having people who appreciated his work instead of some cigar aficionado mother fuckers sitting in the front who have no idea who he is, but bought the tickets because it shows they have money.

The show was fantastic.  It was a great present, even if our seats were uncomfortable and along the side wall.  These were the only seats available when she bought the tickets.  The theater was very nice, Severance Hall, which apparently is where the have the symphony and whatnot.  The server we had at The House of Blues thought it was weird he was playing there, as did both cab drivers.

Anyways, his new material was hilarious.  I do not want to give anything away (so if you plan on seeing him live soon, you should probably stop reading), however I will give some of the highlights.

-His encore with the “Of Course, But Maybe” bit was great.  He channeled a little bit of George Carlin with that one, especially about the wounded soldiers (this joke could have went down horribly, but he pushed through it and forced the audience to come with him, worked quite well).

-His opening was also great.  Telling the story about seeing an old lady fall (this reminded me of work, where old ladies fall often) and then taking it one way, only to end it another.

-My favorite joke was probably his story about moving into a rich apartment building and having a rich guy judge him.  He does this whole bit then informs us that he made the whole thing up, that actually the man is a good friend of his now.  It was an awesome change of pace.

-He also made some jokes about getting older and being happy with your body.  He also has some advice for the ugly guys out there, if you wait long enough, you can have pretty much any girl.

So yeah, I highly recommend going to see him.  Anyways, after the show, we went out to a bar near our hotel and drank for a little bit.  It was a good time.  I never understood why people from Pittsburgh like to rip on Cleveland so much.  The city was not that bad, the parts we were in were very nice.  Obviously you can say there are shitty parts about any city.

Also, getting around the city is pretty easy.  You take the highway, get off the exit and the stadiums and downtown area right there.  Our hotel was right by Progressive Field.

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