SOA: Toad’s Wild Ride

Last night’s episode was pretty good, there were some great moments and yet a few bad ones.  I want to mention that the show is doing that thing where they introduce to many side stories for the main characters.

I did not like Joel McHale’s story.  Granted, it was cool to see him, but when they said he would be playing a conman, I had something else envisioned.  Instead, he just steals old ladies cars, and then takes a beatdown from Nero.  It was lame, and it was distracting.

Other than that mild complaint, the rest of the episode had some great moments:

-Clay, yet again wiggles his way free of Jax.  I thought for sure he was going to kill Unser, but then we are thrown for a loop when he helps Unser kill two of the Nomads.  That was actually awesome.

-Fortunately, Jax does not believe Clay and wants to find Frankie in order to get to the truth.  I have a feeling Frankie will end up dead before he makes it back to the club.

-I cried a little bit when Jax and Gemma had their moment.  It was such a heartfelt moment, but then Gemma ruins all of it by getting stoned and wrecking the car with Abel getting injured.  I cannot imagine Abel dying, mainly because Jax would go on a major rampage.

-Did Pope send guys to kill Jax, or did Clay hire some black guys to take Jax out?  Or does Pope have some kind of deal with Clay?  Who knows…

-I feel bad for Juice and it does look like things will probably get worse for him in the next few episodes.  Will Roosevelt tell Jax that Juice was the one helping them?  If so, Juice will take a bullet.