Sons of Anarchy: Small World

This episode had all sorts of great things happening.  Where the hell do I start?  Well maybe I will just do the usual and list all of the shit that was awesome.  Yep, that sounds like a good plan to me.

-Pope is getting the MC even deeper into the drug business.  He seems to be mentoring Jax, but to what end?  Does he really want to partner with them and help them make more money?  Or is there some other end plan?

-Clay.  First he fakes to Juice that he is still in bad shape, even though the doctor told him he was doing much better and did not need the oxygen.  Then he disposes of Carla’s body for Gemma.  He goes against Jax about the doubling of the drugs for Pope and it is pretty clear that the new guys are on his side.  By the end of the episode, he reveals that he is behind the home invasions and the new guys are under his command.

The only reason for him doing so would be to make Jax look weak as president.  Obviously he will use the fact that home invasions never happened in Charming during presidency.  Why would they suspect him, since his safe was stolen and his house broken into?

-Otto tells Tara that he wants a blowjob (well he implies it by telling her to get on his knees).  She says no, which pretty much ends any contact between the two.  I wonder what her plan is though, since she did not tell Jax.  Is she actually considering giving Otto a hummer in order to protect the club?

-Jax finally gets his revenge on the guard.  I figured they would wait a few episodes, but instead they do it now.  It was great the way Tig just nonchalantly kills the wife.  I thought for sure that they would let the guard live since his wife was there, but instead, Tig just shoots her in the head.  Then Jax beats the guard to death with a snow globe.  I call bullshit on that one though, since a snow globe will break if it falls off the mantle, it would certainly shatter after a few shots to someone’s skull.  I also loved Tig’s response when asked if he was okay:  “yeah, that was good for me.”

-Carla kills herself.  I have no idea what her deal was with wanting to watch Nero and Gemma have sex, but Gemma could not go through with it.  I guess a rape victim does not want to be forced into it.

-Roosevelt’s wife dies and he is not too happy about it.  He attacks Jax, Bobby, and Chibs on their ride home.  He does calm down a bit and listen to Jax.  Could they work together at some point?

-Gemma getting drunk in a bar again.  This time she meets Joel McHale, who says he has a thing for older ladies.  He then buys her a drink and calls her mom.  This will definitely get interesting…

2 thoughts on “Sons of Anarchy: Small World

  1. I was happy to see that Jax was able to start exacting revenge for Opie’s death by getting his hands on that prison guard. I wasn’t surprised by the fact that Clay is behind the home invasions and that he is trying to undermine Jax’s leadership of SAMCRO. I’ve been saying it since the last season: if Clay survives this, everyone had better be ready for him because he’s not going to lie down and take it. The MC is Clay’s life and he feels like he needs to be at the head of the organization because Jax is weak. That’s why I’ve got my Hopper timer set to record each new episode. My DISH co-worker was shocked that Mrs. Roosevelt didn’t survive the home invasion. I wasn’t at all. The wound looked really bad and she bled a lot: this is also the perfect way to really get Eli under the skin of SAMCRO even though Jax was trying to patch things up. I’m not sure what turn their relationship will take once Jax and Eli find out that rogues in the MC were the ones committing the home invasions and that they also killed Rita. This won’t be pretty.

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