The Death of a Yaris

This was me the other morning on my way to work.  My car decided to explode and burn to ashes.  I barely made it out alive.  One minute I am driving down 422, then all of a sudden my car is smoking and there are giant flames shooting out from under the hood.  I dove out while driving 65 mph!  The car then exploded and I lost all of my important documents on the floor (i.e. garbarge).

Okay, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration.  Obviously I would never have a fire extinguisher in my car!  Actually this is a picture of some dude with a Yaris in the Middle East.

Sadly though, my car did die on me.  The damn thing started having problems and the next thing I know, it shuts off on me.  I got it towed to a garage where they inform me that I will need a new engine.  AWESOME!  Just what I wanted for my birthday! Oh wait, I have to pay for it…damn.

If anyone has a spare Yaris engine they would like to give to me, please feel free to email me.