The Gypsy Morph

So I started the Genesis of Shannara series back in 2009 and then after reading the second book, I start A Song of Ice and Fire and I think I read the Peter Hamilton books, and after that maybe I started The Wheel of Time.  Well, I finally decided to finish this series.  I am glad I did.

I realize Terry Brooks’ series are a bit simplistic when compared to WOT or ASOIAF, but whatever.  It is nice to just read a book with a bunch of action and not having to keep looking up different characters because there are 30,393 of them. 

The Gypsy Morph starts out where the last book left off and pretty much jumps right into the action.  All of the groups that have been separate eventually come together for a final confrontation against the demon army.  The book ends on a very odd note though, the gypsy morph leads the people into a valley that will become the Four Lands in the future.  He turns into a protective mist as a crazy soldier launches all of the United States remaining nuclear weapons.

I liked how it just ended with him turning back into a man when it is all over and returning to the group.  There was nothing about where the characters went from there.  Maybe we learn a little bit in the subsequent novels, but as of now, all we know is that they are safe.

I am reading the newest Shannara novel:  Wards of Faerie, which is set after the events of Straken.  It looks like we are going back to the future…

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