Thoughts on Boardwalk Empire, Treme, and The Walking Dead

Boardwalk Empire
-Gyp Rosetti enjoys erotic asphyxiation.   We learn that at the beginning of the episode.  Then we see it again when Rothstein sends his assassin to kill Gyp.  I am pretty sure the shooter was Benny from Charlie and Maya’s organization.  He was pretty badass about it too.  He took out four guys and almost got Gyp.  Afterward, Gyp stalks through the room naked, stepping over dead guys.  Way too much weiner in that scene.

-James Cromwell shows up as Andrew Mellon, a man who has a bit of a connection to this area, and he is testifying in front of Congress about how ineffectual Prohibition actually is and how the Justice Department is part of the problem.  Very cool.

-Nelson’s wife killed the Prohibition Agent who came by to bitch about the iron that Van Alden sold him.  She thought he was going to arrest Nelson for his past crimes.  She bashed him in the head, then Van Alden smothered him to finish him off.  He then visits O’Bannon to ask for help disposing a body.  Something tells me this will get Van Alden back into the game.

I have loved the development of the relationship between Delmond and Albert Lambreaux.  The son starts the series out not getting along with his father (who does not see him as a true jazz musician and maybe someone who has turned his back on his Indian heritage).

As they continue to do things together, Delmond and Albert become closer and during this episode, Albert confides to Delmond that he has lymphoma.  In the previous episode (I think), Delmond takes control of an Indian practice by getting everyone going.  When Albert dies, Delmond, even though he is a big-shot New York City jazz musician will most likely turn his back on all of that and become the next chief (or guardian of the flame, whatever that means).

The Walking Dead
They finally made it to the prison, but at a horrible cost:  Herschel was bit by a walker.  Rick was forced to chop his leg off with a hatchet.   I hope he makes it.

The group did a great job clearing out walkers though, they worked as a team and were able to kill them quickly and efficiently.  Hell, Carl was pretty damn awesome and he was trying to bunk up with Beth, good for him.

The episode was pretty good, especially the ending where we see that some of the prisoners are still alive and well.  Also, Michone and Andrea are a decent team, but they did not reveal too much about their adventures yet.

Oh, and they finally figured out that silencers might be a good idea…