Vacation: Day Five

This was a busy day.  Lindsey and I met up with her mom and step-dad in order to take a little trip to West Virginia to see her sister play a volleyball game.  Her sister plays for UPJ and for some reason they are in the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

We arrived at the Hagerstown Prime Outlets and dropped Lindsey and her mom off there.  Here step-dad (Tip) and I went to Antietam to visit the battle site.  It was great being able to enjoy a historical site, since that is something Lindsey would not be interested in checking out.

For those of you that do not know, the Battle of Antietam (or Battle of Sharpsburg as southerners call it) was a major battle during the Civil War.  This was where the Confederacy tried to move into the north and almost gained a major victory.  This was also the battle that gave Lincoln the traction he needed to issue the Emancipation Proclamation.  Anyways, read about at wikipedia if you want.  Sit back and enjoy some of the pictures I took.

This last picture of the Burnside Bridge is my favorite.  Over 23,000 men died during this battle.  Try to fathom that for a second.  They say there were so many men killed that the river was literally red with blood.

After spending a few hours there, we picked up Lindsey and her mom and went to Shepherd University, which was just down the road.  We stopped at a Sheetz across the street from the campus, which sold wine inside.  I am sure that is some delicious wine, for the expensive price of $6.99.  Clearly Sheetz is the place to go for great wine.

It looks like a pretty nice campus, albeit a bit small.  There athletic complex was pretty nice, here it is as we were walking inside.

UPJ beat Shepherd 3-0.  The first game (or is it a set?) was pretty close, but then UPJ dominated the second and third ones.  The UPJ girl’s seemed to be out of sorts to start the first game, but once they settled in and kept to their plan, the points started racking up.  Granted, I know absolutely nothing about volleyball.  Just enjoy these pictures and this little video I took.

After the game we went to Cracker Barrel, where we had a not so good server.  I am not one to usually complain about service, but this lady was just not good at her job.  She brought us old, hard biscuits/cornbread and asked if we wanted butter, apple butter, or grape jelly.  Lindsey and I both said apple, and Tip said grape jelly.  She brought us regular butter and apple butter.

Lindsey’s mom asked for water with lemon and the lady repeated it back, yet never brought the lemon.  I ordered coffee,  she brought me five creamers.  When she refilled my cup, she brought me three more.  WHO WOULD EVER NEED 8 CREAMERS???  After we ate the biscuits and cornbread, she brought us more and says “oh, here are some fresh ones.”  She then dropped off one packet of butter, into the cup that still had a ton of butter.  Why???

Oh well, enough of my bitching about the server.  Once we left there and made it home, I watch Supernatural and Arrow (which was pretty damn good by the way), while Lindsey sleeps on the couch.

It was another fun day on vacation.