Vacation: Day Four

This was not a very busy day.  Well not busy like the other days, instead this one was mild and relaxing, but I accomplished a good bit.

We went to Indiana to pick up my car, but first Lindsey wanted to give me a tour of the town.  I work there, yet have never really been to the downtown area.  I know, I am lame.  We ate lunch at a place called Culpeppers.  I had a very good burger, Lindsey had a hummus wrap (she was upset because it lacked meat).

We picked up my car.  YAY!  I finally have my own car back.  I would like to take a second to thank Lindsey’s mom for allowing me to use her car since the unfortunate explosion of my car.  I really enjoyed driving it!  Definitely has a little more go than my little Yaris.

We left the car place and decided to go to Starbucks and enjoy some coffee and read.  I am now almost finished with The Gypsy Morph.  It was nice just relaxing and reading for awhile.  After an hour or so we made our way home, well Lindsey went to the store to buy some things for dinner.

I decided to start putting some of the crap I picked up at my Dad’s house on ebay.  Some of the stuff should sell, but a bunch of it was junk, so I made a few trips to the dumpster.  I started looking at some of the local websites for sports card stores and noticed something:  collecting cards is such an idiotic thing.  I have no clue how much money I spent as a kid, but it was a good amount, and most of those cards are what are now referred to as commons.  Apparently, I could sell them to a shop for about $5 per 5000 cards or something like that.  Fuck that noise!  Guess where they went?

Lindsey ended up making these stuffed shells with butternut squash.  She is obsessed with butternut squash.  The shells were pretty good, but unfortunately they needed some chicken mixed in there.  Here is the website where she found the recipe.

Once we were finished with dinner, I watched Sons of Anarchy and then went to bed (or maybe I watched a movie, who honestly knows).  Day Five has some pretty cool stuff in store for us!