Vacation: Day One

Everyday this week I will try to write about what we did for vacation.  I know, you are all dying to know what fun and exciting things we got into during our ten days off.

Yesterday we went to the Bedford Fall Festival.  Naturally I made fun of this, but once we got there, I actually enjoyed myself (until I started getting grumpy because I had to carry a spaghetti squash that Lindsey purchased and it kept banging into my knee).

I was surprised by how many people were there.  Apparently these fall festivals (and festivals in general) are very popular.  Who knew?  Obviously I never attend this stuff.  The crafts are pretty much the standard you find all over the place, but for some reason Lindsey loves the stuff, so I like to nod and say “oh yes, that is wonderful.”

One of the things we bought was a sign to place outside during the Christmas season.  It was free to have it personalized.  Lindsey would not allow me to have them write “Suck My Balls Winter!” on the top.  I guess that would be sort of inappropriate.

There were also a few different vendors selling dips, which we got to try.  There were so many good ones, we ended up buying a couple of the mixes.  Now we just need an excuse to make a dip.  Anyone having a party, just invite us and we will bring a delicious dip!

We also stopped at the Briar Valley Winery and did a little taste testing.  I hated everything I tried because I am not a fan of wine, but I really do try.  I keep hoping that my palette will refine itself if I keep forcing wine down, but unfortunately I make the same face every single time I take a drink.

We left the festival and on the way home stopped at the Ridgetop Orchard just outside of Bedford.  There we bought a ton of apples.  I enjoyed this immensely because they had samples of the 15 different kinds of apple.  I tried them all.  Then the lady yelled at me because I did not fill my bags enough and she kept making me go back and get more apples.  I always forget how much I love apples.

We came home and Lindsey decided to make applesauce out of the apples.  She then used that applesauce to make some kind of apple bread.  I have not tried it yet.  I am sure it is delicious.  The entire apartment smells like apple right now.

Anyways, it was a pretty fun day, and a good way to start vacation.  More to come each and every day!