Vacation: Day Six

The started off with me doing work.  Our laundry was getting a little bit out of control, so I figured I better take care of it before it overtook our bedroom.  While I did laundry most of the morning, I also finished reading my book.

Lindsey went to zumba, then came back and forced me to take her to get her car.  She dropped it off the day before to have it inspected.  She then took her car to one of those do it yourself car wash places.  I took mine through an automatic one.  Guess who came home first?  Yep, me.  I also had the time to clean out my car and do a little dusting.  My car needed it.

We showered and went to Altoona to have dinner at the Olive Garden with our friends Amanda and Dusty (and their new baby).  I had the delicious lobster canelloni with shrimp.  We had a great time catching up with them.  Plenty of funny stories from working together and whatnot.

We left there and met up with our friend, Pam and her boyfriend Nate at Off The Rack.  We drank a few beers there and told some great stories.  Also watched the football game.  Hey, I got that pick right!

After that, we came home and went to bed.  Yep, we were in bed before midnight yet again.  We are awesome.