Vacation: Day Three

This was a bit of a busy day for us.  We woke up and helped Lindsey’s aunt and uncle with a house they bought.  Why would we do this, aside from the fact that we are nice people?  Well, we plan on moving into it once it is ready.  The house is small, but they have done great work to it and it looks very nice inside.

The advantage to this house is that we get to live there for next to nothing.  This way we can start saving money and maybe buy a nice house (most of the houses we looked at in our price range needed way too much work).   OR, maybe we can eventually add on to this house (my dad checked it out a long time ago and did a bunch of drawings on what we should do to it).  We spent the majority of the time yesterday cleaning the outside windows, which were filthy.  Nothing like climbing a ladder and scrubbing dirty windows!

Once we finished with that, we came home and argued over what to eat.  Not so much argued, but more like debated on what should go on the pizza we were going to make.  And by we, I mean Lindsey.  Since she did not feel like going anywhere, it was decided that cheese would be the topping.

While I waited for my dinner to cook, a package arrived for me.  It was the books I ordered through Science Fiction Book Club.  I once signed up for Doubleday Book Club and took advantage of the free books you get upon joining.  I know most people think of these things as a ripoff, but I like them.  I got six books (one of them has not shipped yet) for like $25 (I think I get a free book if I recommend someone and they join, hint hint).  Yes, I realize I have to buy two books in two years at regular club price, but that is not a big deal, I will buy two books.

Once we ate and showered, we went to TJ Maxx in Johnstown.  There is nothing like wandering around that store for entertainment.  I think the only thing we bought was a sign and an apple corer (I have no idea why we need one of those).  Seriously though, look at these pictures and tell me how fun that place looks!

I really wanted to buy this giant fork.  I could think of so many great uses for it.  Lindsey vetoed it though.  She thought it was stupid.  I would probably use it to kill zombies.  It had a decent amount of heft and you could use it as a thrusting weapon or a bashing weapon.  I like it.

I have no idea what you would use this table for, or hell, if it is even a table.  I just know that there is a reason it is on clearance.  Lindsey says that these kinds of things are great for decoration in your house.  I say that they are stupid looking.

Can someone please explain why anyone would want these shoes?  I cannot fathom a moment in my life where I would say “I want a pair of shoes that make it look like I am barefoot.”  Maybe if I was becoming a professional tree-climbing monkey…

After we finished up with that insane fun, we went over to watch Looper.  We came home and I started reading one of my books (I am halfway finished, so I might be writing about that soon).