Vacation: Day Two

We woke up fairly early (we were pretty lame on Saturday night and went to bed by 11:30) and went for breakfast.  We came home from Kostas Restaurant and decided to get ready and head to my mom’s house.

The big plan for heading to Philipsburg was to meet my nephew, Jackson.  No, my brother did not have a baby.  Instead he and Lora bought a dog.  Jackson is a miniature pinscher and he is cute, and just a little bit of a spaz.

Here are some pictures of him.  I think I could become a dog person after playing with for a little bit…

The awesome Penn State bandana he is wearing?  That was a gift from Lindsey and I.  Here is a video of Adam and Lora trying to put this on him.

After that, mom took us up to the Elks for dinner, where I had Chicken Parmigiana and Lindsey had the Shrimp Alfredo.  It was decent.  Probably should not expect delicious Italian food at a place like the Elks.

We made our way home and watched television.  Yep, it was another fun and exciting day.