Vacation: Days Eight and Nine

We woke up Saturday and Lindsey made this really delicious french toast casserole thing.  I ate it for breakfast and lunch.  Yes, I am a disgusting fatty, but I cannot help it!  I pretty much spent the day watching college football (or doing dishes) and Lindsey did some stuff that I can barely remember.  I think she cleaned the inside of her car.

We then went to my mom’s house to watch the Penn State game.  It was great seeing them give the Iowa Hawkeyes a beat down in Iowa.  My mom made a great stuffed pepper soup and some buffalo dip.

After the game, Lindsey and I went with my brother and Lora to the pub and drank some beers.  Actually we drank a lot of beers at the house (Lindsey polished off two bottles of wine).  Lindsey also did a bunch of shots, which was funny since she never really does shots.

After we left the pub, everyone wanted to go to the AmVets, which stays open late.  Lindsey and I walked in and the place was so smokey that it made us sick.  We left and decided to just walk back to my mom’s house.  On the way, those shots decided they wanted to come back out and visit with Lindsey some more.  She was standing on the side of the road puking her guts up!  HAHAHAHAHA, WHAT A LOSER!  WHO PUKES?  Must be something about PSU/Iowa games

Here are some pictures that you can enjoy:

This is a picture of a rainbow we saw while driving to Philipsburg, I thought it was cool.

Someone is getting pretty drunk..

Great job closing your eyes moron.

The dude who took this picture must have been completely hammered.  How did he ever think this was a good picture?  He should be set on fire.

Anyways, we got up early and came home.  We went to lunch and spent the majority of the day with Lindsey’s dad.  And it was a good day, even if we both felt like shit all day.

Thus ends the vacation.  Back to work tomorrow.  Blah.

UPDATE!!!!  Chelsea sent me a much better picture.  I guess the guy who took it did a good job after all.